Radar Antenna Testing (A&D)

Radar antennas are integrated into a wide range of military devices and equipment. In each function, the transmitted information requires accuracy and high fidelity, crucial to safety and security of both soldiers and civilians.

MVG proposes near-field, far-field, and compact antenna test range solutions for the measurement of radar antennas covering a wide spectrum of frequencies.

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Radar Antenna Testing  (A&D)

Testing radar antennas for military applications.

Radars for specialized communications, movement coordination and data collection are increasingly enhancing military equipment and vehicles on the ground, in the field, and in space. Growing needs for the use of higher frequencies and spacial coverage are demanding more sophisticated and accurate antennas. Testing techniques of those antennas need to keep pace with this progress.

MVG antenna test and measurement solutions include radar antenna test systems. Near-field, far-field, and compact ranges, standard or customizable for specific testing requirements, cover the wide variety of testing needs of radar antennas for aerospace and defense applications.

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