OTA Testing

Evaluate the performance of a device and monitor its interactions with the network as it would in the real-world through OTA Testing.

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OTA Testing

OTA test solutions to evaluate wireless device performance

With the introduction of 5G mmWaves devices, antenna integration is becoming more and more critical. Over-The-Air Testing ensure that antennas integrated in a product work as designed. During research and development, production, and certifications phases of telecommunications devices, it is essential to measure Over-The-Air the Total and Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (TRP – EIRP) as well as the Sensitivity (TIS - EIS) of a wireless terminal to avoid designs errors and to accelerate devices time to market.

MVG's OTA test solutions are compact, accurate, and easy to use, making OTA testing a stress-free, time and cost-efficient process.

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