Active Array Measurement and Calibration

The capacity of active phased-array antennas to form a single or multiple focused beam(s) makes them ideal for the complex environments of 5G mobile technology or satellite communications, among others.

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Active Array Measurement and Calibration

Measuring Array Alignment and Calibration

The individual elements of active array antennas are electronically inter-connected and each is also connected to the transmitter or receiver through a digitally controlled phase shifter. Their beam shape and/or pointing direction can be adaptively programmed to optimize performance in response to ever-changing environmental conditions and user demands. These antennas require amplitude and phase calibration of each element over the deployment period. Initial radiating aperture calibration is generally accomplished by adjusting the amplitude and phase of attenuators and phase shifters, respectively, in a near-field range.

MVG provides complete measurement solutions for fast and accurate calibration and measurement of a variety of active array antennas functioning in a wide range of frequencies.

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