MVG brings to market a new generation of 5G
mmWave OTA testing solutions, combining smart mechanical positioners with PWGs to create accurate direct far-field conditions in a compact system.

StarWave, is composed of one or several (up to seven) PWG(s) attached at a 90° angle to a vertical disk, which rotates. In front of the disk, an electromagnetically transparent mast is mounted on an azimuth positioner to support and rotate a DUT. The interface used between the mast and the DUT depends on the device, with the possibility of inserting a chair for a person holding a device.


  • Full spherical measurement system in direct FF conditions according to 3GPP IFF specification
  • Number of PWGs supported: Maximum 7, with angular separation at 45°
  • Anechoic chamber size: 4 x 4 x 4 (m)
  • External radius of rotating PWG: 1475 mm
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