The Challenges of Real-person Use-case Testing for 5G Antenna Technology

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The Challenges of Real-person Use-case Testing for 5G Antenna Technology.png

The expansion of 5G wireless technology and its use of the higher mmWave frequencies is driving development in test methodologies to meet the changing requirements of new generations of communication tools. 

The properties of mmWaves pose new challenges and traditional test methods are beginning to reach their limits with certain changing criteria in the higher frequencies. For example, use-case testing is increasingly important as the hand, head, or body of the user can significantly affect the performance of signal propagation at mmWave frequencies. For optimal results, testing the performance of 5G devices equipped to transmit and receive signals in the mmWave spectrum should include authentic use-case scenario testing with real people.

This whitepaper delves into the challenges mmWaves pose on 5G wireless device development, covers the issues traditional antenna measurement techniques face when evaluating real-person use cases, and introduces a new solution combining PWG technology with advanced positioning mechanisms for effective end-to-end testing of 5G mobile devices.

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