Controllers, PCUs & LCUs

Sequential Positioner Controllers

The AL-48060 series controllers drive up to 6 axes sequentially. These popular, programmable controllers provide manual front panel control or remote control of rotary and linear positioners. Optional interfaces are available for position transducers such as absolute encoders, Inductosyn®, and inclinometers.


  • AL-48061 -
  • AL-48062
Sequential Positioner Controllers


  • Antenna Test Automation
  • Encoder or Synchro-Based Positioners
  • Medium & Heavy Duty Positioning Subsystems


  • Sequential Control Up to 6 Axes
  • Dynamic Density Control (DDC)
  • Selectable PIV & PID Control Loop
  • Motion Profiles
  • Audible Limit Alarm
  • Digital Synchro Alignment
  • Programmable Trigger Pulse Width
  • Setup Utility Software
  • Self-Diagnostics
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