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Simultaneous Positioner Controllers - 2 axis

The AL-4162 programmable positioner controller offers real-time control of positioning subsystems used in near-field and far-field antenna measurement systems. Typically, it may be configured to drive planar scanners and general purpose far-field positioners that are encoder-based or involve simultaneous motion.


  • AL-4162
Simultaneous Positioner Controllers - 2 axis


  • Antenna Test Automation
  • Encoder or Synchro-Based Positioners
  • Medium & Heavy Duty Positioning Subsystems


  • Sequential Control Up to 6 Axes
  • Dynamic Density Control (DDC)
  • Selectable PIV & PID Control Loop
  • Motion Profile
  • Audible Limit Alarm
  • Digital Synchro Alignment
  • Programmable Trigger Pulse Width
  • Setup Utility Software
  • Self-Diagnostics


  • Solutions for Academic & Research Institutes
  • Solutions for Aerospace & Defense
  • Solutions for Automotive
  • Solutions for Telecom
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