Rotary Positioners

AZ/EL/ROLL / Null Seeker Positioner

The Null Seeker Positioner is used in development and production testing to emulate flight movement of a device encasing null-seeker sensors. Its high motion dynamics and ultra-precise angular positioning, rates, and acceleration allow for accurate evaluations of null seeker technology (ie. RF signal nulls transmitted from directive antennas).


  • AL-9301
AZ/EL/ROLL / Null Seeker Positioner


  • Null seeker testing & calibration
  • Airborne target tracking
  • Electro-optical device testing
  • Indoor Use


  • Fast seeker head positioner

  • High dynamic performance

  • High inertia/ high accuracy flight motion simulation


  • Large, 3-axis gimbal
  • Repeated and defined motion cycles
  • Minimum clean field of view
    • in EL angle ± 75°, AZ ± 63°
  • Roll travel range ±180° or continous
  • AZ and EL with zero backlash drive system
  • Max. design weight 35 Kg with reduced performance
  • Accomodates large antennas (up to 25 kg)
  • Limit switches and brakes to end AZ and EL movements
  • Internal roll thru-hole diameter 230 mm
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