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Bringing Together Numerical Simulation and Antenna Measurement to Understand Deployed Antenna Performance

The analysis of deployed antenna performance in complex scenarios can prove to be problematic due to the realistic details to be taken into account in the investigation. In these cases, both measurements and numerical modeling are fundamental tools to evaluate the antenna performance.

The numerical modeling created with Computational Electromagnetic (CEM) tools requires a particular representation of the source antenna. This can be achieved by knowing the exact characteristics of the antenna. However, in many practical cases, a full-wave representation is unfeasible or unavailable. This is where recent antenna measurement techniques are proven effective.

In this paper, you will learn of tools and techniques that overcome the limitations due to unknown source model characterization and the complexity of the environment to be measured. The approach, based on the equivalent current representation of an antenna, links measurement equipment/techniques with commercially available numerical computational tools to provide measurements of source antennas for simulations in the most complex of test environments.

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