EMC Compliance Testing

We design, manufacture and install the highest quality EMC shielded rooms and EMC chambers (full and semi-anechoic) for all of your EMC measurement needs, be it for commercial, defense or automotive purposes.

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EMC Compliance Testing

Our EMC Testing Solutions

Our EMC solutions support the aerospace & defense, telecommunications, commercial electronics and automotive industries, as well as universities and institutional research. 

Whether testing for emissions, immunity, emc compliance testing or emc pre compliance, MVG’s portfolio of emc measurement products help you optimize your testing processes for EMC and EMI, as well as solutions for EMP. MVG manufactures EMC chambers in the UK for the rest of the world.

MVG brings together technical excellence and first class R&D to deliver innovative EMC Testing products for both the European and worldwide markets.

Many private companies and public offices choose our EMC testing products to ensure that their tests are compliant to the latest industry standards.
Testament to the high quality of our EMC products is that Dyson Ltd, as well as other industry leaders, have chosen MVG’s EMC Test chambers to help them deliver efficient, on-site, EMC testing to fully compliant levels.

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