Wearable Antennas for Space Applications

Spacesuits have become sophisticated, hi-tech components of astronaut equipment, embedding multiple antennas. These antennas perform a variety of functions that require tests and measurements to prepare them for optimal performance in the harsh space environment.

MVG antenna measurement solutions provide fast and accurate measurements for the numerous distinct or interconnected IoT wearable antennas on spacesuits.

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Testing Wearable Antennas for Space

Testing wearable antennas for space

The proper functioning of spacesuits continues to be crucial for human safety and survival in the extreme conditions of space. They have become sophisticated, hi-tech components of astronaut equipment. Several antennas are embedded in modern spacesuits: temperature and oxygen level sensors, GPS, communications or radio antennas, etc. These antennas require not only functional testing, but tests for optimal placement, connectivity, and correlation between all antennas on one suit. MVG offers  antenna measurement solutions to test these wearable antennas as components and as fully integrated devices within the spacesuit.