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TAC Boosts Research, Resources, and Recruitment for FIU

To remain competitive, secure funds for our research, and continue to advance innovation in promising areas such as space, we need a lab that is not only operational and cost-effective, but efficient....

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Fast Wi-Fi 6E Testing for New ASUS Laptops and AiO PC

With this new SG 24 combined with WaveStudio, not only can we measure higher frequencies, but also test more devices at faster rates, saving up to 50% of time: a strong asset in a highly competitive environment.

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Wireless Connectivity Testing for the Drones of the Future

After installation and a day of training, the StarLab immediately became an essential tool in the development and connectivity testing of Parrot drones. We noticed the difference instantly. Thanks to...

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mmWave OTA Testing Gives Proof of Concept for 5G Beamforming Solution

As a research and development test tool, BBox needs to be calibrated precisely and carefully for both conducted and Over-The-Air (OTA) testing. MVG has been a leading company in OTA testing for a number...

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