Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement

In antenna design, true tests and measurements of an antenna before and after integration in its end product provide the most accurate means to validate that antenna performance is optimal.  Antenna radiation pattern measurements are key to understanding the angular strength of direction of the radio waves to/from an antenna under test.

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Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement

Visualize, Evaluate, Adjust, Validate Antenna Radiation Patterns

Initial steps in antenna characterization begin with measuring the antenna radiation patterns to determine in which directions and how well energy radiates from the antenna. The results present the relative magnitude and phase of the antenna under test. S-parameters such as gain, efficiency, and polarization are defined as the measurement allows for visualization of the radiation patterns in 2D or 3D plots.

MVG offers complete test and measurement solutions for a broad range of antenna testing needs, from determining radiation patterns and s-parameters to OTA and real-world functional testing. MVG near-field, far-field, or compact range antenna measurement systems provide accurate spherical, cylindrical or planar antenna measurement pattern results in minutes.

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