Full Scale Aircraft Measurement

Antenna installations on aircraft demand a variety of test techniques to measure the impact of their environment on antenna radiation patterns, efficiency and gain, directivity, and signal strength.

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Full Scale Aircraft Measurement

Test and measurement of antennas on full-sized aircraft

With increasing applications of antennas on aircraft today, and their vital role in navigation and positioning, security, communications, or weather monitoring, interference issues such as diffraction, coupling or decoupling, and signal cancellations require accurate performance validations. 

The complexity and necessary degree of precision of these GPS, wifi, or nose-mounted radar antennas is also on the rise. 

Tests and measurements between antennas, and between an antenna and the structural environment on which it is installed are essential to verify optimal performance once in place. MVG offers complete measurement solutions for fast and accurate measurements of small to large aircraft, and for a variety of antenna configurations and applications.

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