Testing Military Vehicle-mounted & Integrated Antennas

Military grade vehicles are equipped with various special purpose antennas or sensors in addition to usual positioning and communications antennas. These vehicles play a strategic role in operations making it critical that antennas be high-performing and reliable in any situation. 

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Testing Military Vehicle-mounted & Integrated Antennas

System-level or Subsystem Testing for Antennas on Military Vehicles


Military vehicles with their multiple integrated antennas in critical electronic equipment are subject to rigorous testing to consistently ensure smooth operations.

MVG’s portfolio of test and measurement solutions offers a range of equipment for the characterization of antennas embedded or installed on vehicles. Measure components with embedded antennas in our small independent turn-key systems or focus on full-scale vehicle measurements for multiple antenna and structural correlation or coexistence testing in our large multi-probe near-field measurement systems.

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