Testing Antennas Applied in Military Communications

Maneuver command, control, communications, and intelligence depend on secure and reliable communication networks for troop agility and advantages in the field. The development of 5G connectivity and Satcom technology is driving advancements in military communications. Testing the antennas to integrate these networks ensures reliable connectivity in any critical situation.

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Testing Antennas Applied in Military Communications

Ensuring Military Communications Network Connectivity


Antennas in and on vehicles or in mobile devices carried by soldiers in the field must ensure reliable connectivity of military communication networks. The increase of air operations and deployment of collaborative combat capabilities for air superiority on the battlefield are also driving increased demand for connectivity via dedicated tactical data links specified as SDR - software-defined radio links.                               

Whether for voice communications or data transmission, it is essential to test the reliability of the antennas and connected devices during R&D. To validate their full and consistent operational capacity as an integral part of a complex network and to secure communications interoperability, antenna tests require accurate and precise testing equipment capable of emulating various RF environments.

Evaluate antennas in subsystems or complete networks at full system level in an MVG near-field or far-field anechoic test chamber. Emulate diverse RF environments in a repeatable and controlled manner. OTA, active, and passive antenna measurements can be performed quickly and accurately in the confidential space of your own test chamber.

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