Testing Wearable or Portable Antennas for Military Applications

Military applications for electronics are continuously expanding and new wearable or portable devices are being developed to monitor the health and safety of soldiers in addition to the more traditional uses of wireless electronics: communications, localization, and tracking. Dozens of wearable antennas can now be found as an integral part of military uniforms.

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Testing Wearable or Portable Antennas for Military Applications

Accurate Measurements for Critical Wearable Antennas


The wearable antennas increasingly integrated in military uniforms serve multiple purposes in the field. Their accuracy and reliability are critical. Testing these devices when under development demands accurate and precise testing equipment to validate their full and consistent operational capacity.

Measure components with embedded antennas in our small independent turn-key systems or full system-level measurements for multiple integrated antennas in our large multi-probe near-field measurement systems.

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