LEO Satellite Antenna Testing

Low Earth Orbit satellites require fast and accurate production rates to meet the demands of satellite constellation launches. Antennas are essential sub-systems integral to the high-speed data through-put of these intricate communications networks.

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LEO Satellite Antenna Testing

Testing Antennas for Satcom LEO Satellite Constellations

The antennas in LEO satellites are designed for optimal performance at far distances and at high speeds. Their reliability and accuracy of transmission are essential to the future of satellite connectivity and the expanding communication networks via space.  Satellites and their payloads encompass sophisticated and expensive technology that cannot easily be repaired or replaced once in orbit. Failure is not an option for these space-borne antenna systems critical to mission success.

Capable of measuring wide-band frequencies of multiple types of satellite antennas, from high-gain directional beam-forming phased arrays to omni-directional dipoles, MVG test and measurement systems can accommodate a broad range of satellite antennas and antenna systems. From sub-system or component level to fully integrated assemblies on complete satellites, and OTA for high frequency applications.

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