5G Testing

Meet the challenges of 5G New Radio including mmWave frequencies, with 5G test and measurement solutions designed for the 5G frequency ranges: FR1 and FR2.

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5G Testing

5G Testing Solutions for 5G Devices and Networks

The evolution of wireless technologies from 4G (LTE) to 5G New Radio opens the way to new communications possibilities. Transmitting and receiving more data (eMBB), increasing responsiveness (URLLC), and connecting millions of devices at once (mMTC) involves the expansion of the radio frequency spectrum use to higher frequencies including mmWaves.

Ensuring optimal connections to the 5G network requires over-the-air (OTA) testing of multi-antenna devices and Base Transceiver Station (BTS) systems to evaluate and certify their performance. With its technologies capable of testing both FR1 and FR2 frequencies, MVG is renowned for the 5G testing solutions it has already provided to some of the world's leading players. With advanced millimeter-wave testing options using near-field and far-field techniques, including plane wave generation, MVG's portfolio of 5G connectivity and antenna test solutions is continually evolving in line with the 5G revolution.

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