Automotive Subsystems Testing

Combining automotive subsystem testing with numerical modeling tools can save valuable time in performance optimization and antenna placement stages.

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Automotive Subsystems Testing

Compact and portable measurement systems for automotive subsystems testing

Measurement of vehicle subsystems in many cases does not require large measurement equipment. With compact and portable measurement systems, near-field measurement ranges can be used to perform accurate and efficient measurement of automotive subsystems near the platforms where the simulation is carried out. These compact solutions come with Insight - the only software in the world to be able to compute authentic electromagnetic current distributions and extreme near-fields on an antenna under test, from measured near or far-field data, that can be then integrated in simulation software to analyze how it will perform once mounted in the vehicle.

Offering a cost-effective, compact alternative to large energy and resource-hungry anechoic chambers, MVG has created a convenient and flexible range of all-in-one antenna measurement tools.

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